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Lead Cleanup in Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta – we are so fortunate to have Budi Susilorini working for us there.  She’s our eyes, ears and hands on the ground for our cleanup work in Indonesia.  We’re about to kick off a project targeting lead poisoning on … Continue reading

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Another Chernobyl?

Recently, I’ve been working to avert a catastrophe at the Gorlovka chemical plant  in the Ukraine, which we reported on in Blacksmith’s July newsletter as an “accident waiting to happen. ”  This town has an abandoned munitions warehouse just on the outskirts … Continue reading

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12 pinpricks of light

David Hanrahan, Blacksmith’s director of global operations, described it best when he called them “12 pinpricks of light” – these are the 12 cases of cleanup and success we found around the world. I was surprised and a little shocked … Continue reading

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