The Story of A Mother and the Five Children She Lost

Senegal women

*Click here to read the story of Seynabou M.

Seynabou M. is a member of the poisoned poor.

The poisoned poor live and work in some of the world’s worst polluted places.

Often they are not aware that their community is polluted, even if it is the result of their toxic jobs. Many do not understand why their children are dying.

Pollution is the largest cause of death in the developing world.

94% of the burden of disease from pollution falls on the poor in low- and middle-income countries that are least equipped to deal with the problem.

  • Pollution causes 10 million deaths a year
  • kills more people than cancer globally
  • and causes three times more deaths than HIV, malaria and tuberculosis.

This is just one story out of millions. This is the story of a mother and the five children she lost.





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