Pure Earth’s “Buy and Give” Program Works With Jewelry Industry To Change The Way Gold Is Mined


Pure Earth has launched a new program working with jewelers and retailers to raise awareness and funds to prevent mercury pollution from artisanal and small-scale gold mining.  Participating jewelers and retailers commit to giving a percentage of their sales to fund Pure Earth’s mercury-free mining programs to help make a difference in the way gold is mined.

Featured Jeweler: Pili Restrepo

10% of the proceeds from Pili Restrepo’s Beget collection will be donated to support Pure Earth’s work.  Shop now to buy and give.

Beget is a collection of seven pieces inspired by the beauty of the human hand. The motif takes on various forms through earrings, necklaces, rings, and a bracelet, communicating friendliness and noble imperfection. Beget is crafted of fair mined 10k yellow gold and stones such as tanzanites, spessartines, and black diamonds.

Pili Restrepo was one of over 20 leading jewelry designers who contributed pieces created using responsibly-sourced materials, including mercury-free gold, to a special Pure Earth collection that was featured in Vogue, worn by modeling sensation Molly Bair, and auctioned off at the 2017 Pure Earth benefit.

Scroll to the bottom to see past participants in the Buy and Give Program. To participate, please contact jen@pureearth.org

The Issue With Artisanal And Small-Scale Gold Mining (ASGM)

There are an estimated 15-16 million artisanal and small-scale gold miners working in 55 developing countries accounting for close to 30% of all gold produced annually.

With gold prices now around $1200/ounce, mining for gold has become one of the few opportunities deeply impoverished communities the world over can find in order to survive.

Unfortunately, many artisanal and small-scale gold miners use mercury, which binds to the gold and is then burned off, as part of their mining process. Mercury released from small-scale gold mining is now the leading cause of mercury pollution on the planet, second only to the burning of fossil fuels.

An estimated one-third of annual mercury use is attributed to small-scale gold mining. These mining activities release 1,000 tons of mercury into the environment annually.

Mercury – and its more lethal derivative, methyl mercury – attacks the central nervous system and organs. Fetal development is threatened when pregnant mothers unknowingly ingest (e.g. eating contaminated fish) or come into contact with mercury. Children exposed to mercury before birth may exhibit problems with mental development and coordination, including how they think, learn and problem-solve later in life.

These neurological symptoms may appear similar to cerebral palsy or autism. Developmental and neurological damage can be irreversible for fetuses and young children.

With gold mining being such an important livelihood for so many, it is important to figure out a safe way for this activity to take place. Mining without mercury is possible.

Photo: Larry C. Price

Photo: Larry C. Price

What Pure Earth Does:

Pure Earth has been working in Indonesia, Peru, Mongolia and many other developing countries to prevent mercury poisoning. We raise awareness amongst miners and their families about the dangers of mercury, train miners in mercury-free mining techniques, and then work with local governments to scale up sustainable mining practices.

Funds raised with the “Buy and Give” program will help enable Pure Earth to continue getting mercury out of the mining process, making artisanal mining a safe, productive livelihood.

Together, Pure Earth and the jewelry industry can work together to eliminate mercury and make this world healthier for all.

Pagangbila, Sulawesi, Indonesia. 30-year-old miner Rizki, adds mercury to a pan of gold ore. At right is and his eight-year-old daughter, Ismawati.

Pagangbila, Sulawesi, Indonesia. 30-year-old miner Rizki, adds mercury to a pan of gold ore. At right is and his eight-year-old daughter, Ismawati. Photo: Larry C. Price.

Pure Earth Projects To Reduce Mercury Use in Artisanal Gold Mining

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Past Buy and Give Participants:

AESA Jewelry will donate 20% of all purchases over $500 from now through May 24th.

Dana Bronfman will donate 50% from purchases of any Lipstick ring until Mother’s Day.

Chandally will donate 10% of sales of the Nile earrings until Mother’s Day. 

H. Crowne  will donate 10% of online sales from April 23rd to May 13th. Complimentary shipping and gift wrap.

Jef Hoo will donate 15% of online sales from April 23rd to the end of May, and customers will receive complimentary shipping.

Judi Powers Jewelry will donate 15% of purchases of $250 and more via the website with code PureEarth. All orders placed with the PureEarth code will receive free shipping.


MERZATTA 20% of online sales from April 23rd to May 13th.  Complimentary shipping and gift wrap.


Taber Studio will donate 10% of all online sales through Mother’s Day.  Free shipping and gift wrapping included.

1-100 will donate 20% of all the sales on the website for the month following the Pure Earth benefit (on April 24).