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One of the easiest things you can do is help to spread the word on social media.  Share our posts with your social network. Toxic pollution killed almost 9 million people in 2012 – 8.4 million of those deaths occurred in low and middle-income countries.   You can help raise the profile of this issue so world leaders will prioritize actions to protect the health of the most vulnerable citizens.

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Start a Pure Earth Day Campaign

Although toxic pollution from contaminated sites affects the health of over 200 million people worldwide, it is one of the most underfunded and underreported problems in the world today.

You or your organization (church group, boy or girl scouting troop, classroom, PTA or other school-based organization) can make a difference this Earth Day by starting your own Pure Earth Day Campaign to raise awareness and funds.

Toxic pollutants such as mercury, lead, pesticides, chromium and other toxic chemicals pollute the earth, killing or weakening local wildlife, food crops in addition to the harm it causes to the human body.  Water sources and soil are contaminated with mercury used by artisanal gold miners extracting gold, hexavalent chromium dumped by small scale leather tanneries and lead dust and particles from backyard lead acid battery recyclers.

The good news is that most toxic pollution is finite and fixable.  Legacy contaminants can be cleaned up, and active polluters can be stopped through a mixture of regulation, community education, and use of alternative and modern technologies.

To learn more about how you start your own campaign and help clean up the Earth one community at a time contact Jen Marraccino at (845) 548-4769 or

Thank you!