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Photo: Larry C. Price

Photo: Larry C. Price


Make a donation now and your gift will have even more impact because it will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to $50,000, by two committed Pure Earth donors. 

Pollution knows no borders. The future of so many lives around the world depend on your generous support.

Your donation today will help us fight the world’s #1 toxin —  lead.

From the toddler in Flint, Michigan, to the pregnant mother in Bihar, India, to an entire first grade class in Tegal, Indonesia, lead is permanently damaging young brains– stealing the potential away from generations of children and threatening the futures of our communities.

The real tragedy?  It is completely preventable.

For nearly two decades, Pure Earth has been designing and implementing solutions to preventable pollution problems, including toxic lead.

To date we have cleaned up over 84 sites in more than 20 countries, and have identified over 3,000 toxic hotspots affecting approximately 54 million people, including some 11 million children, that need to be remediated so families can live and thrive in healthy communities.

Our Op-Ed In the New York Times describes the urgent situation

Most people are unaware of the primary source of lead poisoning: car batteries, specifically unsafely recycled used lead acid batteries (ULAB).

Poor families around the world who recycle ULABs to make a living are often shocked and distraught when we measure their children’s blood lead levels at 8 times of those found in Flint.

The good news…

We have a comprehensive program for ULAB recyclers, which has shown to decrease children’s blood lead levels by over 60%. A gift of $100 or more will enable us to continue and launch ULAB pilot projects that then can be replicated. Specifically we want to:
  • train the first teams of recyclers in safe work practices in the Indian village of Patna, setting the stage for wide-scale replication throughout Bihar, India;
  • educate children and their families in Tegal, Indonesia, where recyclers are relocating to an industrial area, but lead contamination remains in public spaces and school yards, and they need to learn how to protect themselves.
  • launch a program in one of the biggest slums in Kenya, which has been highly contaminated by ULAB recycling. The government has requested our help.
Make a donation by December 31 and your gift will have even more impact because it will be matched dollar-for-dollar match up to $50,000 by two committed Pure Earth donors.  On behalf of the families we help and our dedicated staff, thank you for caring and being part of the solution.