Current Openings

Job Title: Country Coordinator in Armenia

Location: Yerevan, Armenia

Deadline: Apply by Dec. 21, 2018.

Pure Earth
Pure Earth Pure Earth Institute is an international non-profit organization dedicated to solving
pollution problems in low and middle-income countries, where human health is at risk. Since its
inception in 1999, Pure Earth has completed more than 70 cleanup projects in 21 countries.

Hazards of Pollution
Industrial wastes, air emissions, and legacy pollution affect the health of more than 100 million
people worldwide. Women and children are especially at risk. Tens of thousands of people are
poisoned and killed each year. Others have reduced neurological development, damaged
immune systems, and long-term health problems. The number of people affected is comparable
to HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria. Yet pollution is one of the most underreported and underfunded
problems in the world.

Focus on Highly Polluted Places
The priority of Pure Earth is to work in locations throughout the developing world where human
health is most affected by pollution. Our programs involve a multi-step process of:

  • Identifying polluted places in the developing world, with nominations received from
    members of the international community and through the internet;
  • Assessing the health risks at those locations by:
    – Reviewing nominations with a Technical Advisory Board of leading international specialists on a rolling monthly basis.
    – Visiting candidate sites with likely high health risk implication, and conducting an Initial Site Screening, a triage protocol that validates likely health implications, and enables the design of an intervention.
  • Designing and implementing a remediation strategy tailored to the specifics of the site in question, using local champions to implement the project in a cooperative fashion.

Country Coordinator
The Country Coordinator reports to the Regional Director(s) and is responsible for carrying
out the following activities:

  1. Coordinate projects of Blacksmith Institute with the FSU Program Director (“Regional
    Director”) to identify, hire and train Toxic Sites Identification Program Independent
    Investigators with appropriate skills, experience and local knowledge.
  2. In coordination with the Regional Director, organize training sessions for
    Independent Investigators to learn the ISS protocols.
  3. Coordinate with Independent Investigators in the assigned country and coordinate
    Initial Site Screenings, including locations, priorities, timeframes, budgets, goals,
    logistics, and other issues as required.
  4. Review proposed sites before assessments are conducted to ensure that they are
    appropriate and within the scope of the Toxic Sites Identification Program.
  5. Review Investigator’s financial reports and expenditures to ensure complete and
    honest reporting.
  6. Conduct ISSs at suspected contaminated sites, either as an independent investigator
    or as part of training and quality oversight for independent Investigators.
  7. Prepare monthly reports on TSIP activities within the country and submit the reports
    to the Regional Program Director.
  8. Review all Initial Site Screenings submitted to the database in the country to ensure
    their completeness, accuracy, and clarity.
  9. Review older Initial Site Screenings that are not marked “approved” and respond to
    comments by Regional Directors and technical staff.
  10. Coordinate Blacksmith or Blacksmith partner projects in the stated country, including
    coordinating and managing as necessary matters related to contracts, logistics,
    project schedule, quality, health and safety, expenses, payments, government
    approvals, communications, stakeholder relations and reports.
  11. Arrange and coordinate meetings with governments, partners, contractors and others
    as necessary.
  12. Manage communications on behalf of Blacksmith with governments, partners,
    contractors and stakeholders, and manage Blacksmith contractor, partner or donor
    relationships in the stated country.
  13. Represent Blacksmith Institute, the Toxic Sites Identification Program and
    Blacksmith projects appropriately before the public, governments, and stakeholders.
  14. Assist Program Directors in creating reports and summaries relating to the TSIP
    program, projects, pollution issues or other matters relating to Blacksmith work; such
    reports may be for donors, governments, partners or the public.


Skills and Experience

  1. Minimum three years of relevant work experience in the field of environmental health,
    environmental management, international development, or other related field.
  2. Minimum one year of project or program management experience.
  3. Excellent computer skills, including fluency with MS Office.
  4. Ability to operate comfortably and effectively in diverse cultural environments.
  5. Ability to speak publicly.
  6. Ability to develop clear goals that are consistent with agreed strategies; identify
    priority activities and assignments; adjust priorities as required; allocate appropriate
    amount of time and resources for completing work; foresee risks and allow for
    contingencies when planning; monitor and adjusts plans and actions as necessary;
    use time efficiently
  7. Ability to work autonomously.
  8. Experience with grants management and reporting.

An advanced university degree (Master’s or equivalent) in a relevant discipline is
preferred. A first level university degree in combination with seven years of qualifying
experience may be accepted in lieu of an advanced university degree.

Fluency in English and Armenian, both written and oral, is required.

This position requires occasional traveling within the country.

This is a position with varied number of hours per months depending on the program
activities in the country. Most common compensation is about 1000 USD/month.

Equal Opportunity Employment
It is the policy of Pure Earth to provide equal opportunity for all qualified persons and not
discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color,
religion, sex, age, national origin, veteran status, disability, sexual orientation or any
other protected status.

How to Apply
Apply by Dec. 21, 2018. Interested applicants should send a cover letter and CV to