Lead Cleanup in Kathgora

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Key pollutant
Informal battery recycling

dermal exposure from smelting

inhalation of smelting fumes


Informal lead acid battery recycling
Date started
October 2017
USAID, World Bank, OFID, Oak Foundation
Project Partners

Geology Department of the Dhaka University; Department of Environment, Ministry of Environment and Forests



The project focuses on risk mitigation work at a former informal ULAB site in a village setting. It is accomplish through soil blending, scraping, and capping, and is supplemented by house cleaning, community education, and blood testing. A Pure Earth team of investigators in Bangladesh assessed and confirmed lead pollution at 94 sites in just four provinces of Bangladesh. Work is being done to develop a national plan to address widespread lead-contamination and secure co-financing for cleanups. Scroll below to read more about our work in Bangladesh in The Pollution Blog.

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