2017 Pure Earth Staff & Board  Retreat

Pure Earth staff work from our headquarters in New York City, and also globally in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia,  Latin America, and the Caribbean. 

Richard Fuller President and Founder


Jack Caravanos, DrPH, CIH, Director of Research


Carol Sumkin, Chief Development Officer


Petr Sharov Regional  Director – Former Soviet Union


Russell Dowling, Program Officer – Africa


Judith St. Fort,  Regional Director – Africa


Elena Rahona, TSIP Program Associate, GAHP Research Associate

Lina Hernandez Program Officer – Latin America


Angela Bernhardt Executive Director, Communications


Eric Fecci CFO

Julius Ngalim  Financial Manager



(Not Pictured)

Karti Sandilya Senior Advisor

David Hanrahan Principal Technical Advisor

Bret Ericson  Director of Operations

Sandra Gualtero Regional  Director – Latin America and the Caribbean

Andrew McCartor Director of Global Policy and Planning

Lara Crampe, Regional Director – Southeast Asia

Rachael Vinyard Director, Strategy and Development

Jen Marraccino Senior Director of Development

Magdalene Sim Social Media Director, Communications

Corinne Ahearn Grants Manager

Karen McGill  Office Manager

Steve Laico Web Administrator

Sandra Page-Cook Managing Editor, Journal of Health and Pollution

The Pure Earth global team includes many experts from around the world, among them are lecturers, doctors, engineers, researchers and other pollution and public health experts, who bring with them knowledge of the local community. Many have worked with the environment ministries of their countries, and some are founders of local and regional NGOs.  Meet some members of our global team below.

Regional and Country Program Coordinators



Yaw Amoyaw-Osei, Ghana


Yaw Amoyaw-Osei is Pure Earth’s expert in Ghana. He is the executive director of Green Advocacy Ghana, a local partner on our e-waste recycling center pilot project in Agbogbloshie. Yaw previously worked with Ghana’s environmental agency conducting research on e-waste and helping to raise awareness about the problem.

Cecilia Ngangaga


Cecilia Nganga

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Amadou Diouf


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Abdallah Ramadhani Mkindi


Abdallah Ramadhani Mkindi is Pure Earth’s country coordinator in Tanzania. He has a background in human ecology. Since joining Pure Earth in 2012,  Abdallah has worked with his local team to identify over 70 polluted sites contaminated with heavy metals, mainly mercury, which are impacting human health and the environment.  Abdallah previously worked with a local NGO, Envirocare, advocating for pollution prevention.

Fatou Sow


Fatou Sow

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  • ASIA

Budi Susilorini


While Budi Susilorini and her local team have assessed hundreds of hotspots in Indonesia, she tells us that there are still many more. Among her projects, Budi is working with Pure Earth in Indonesia to test the “Benguet” method, which eliminates the use of toxic mercury in the gold mining process. Indonesia is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of gold. Over 300,000 artisanal miners (including many children) release more than 1000 tonnes of toxic mercury every year. She is also working to break the cycle of extreme lead poisoning in Pesarean, Indonesia. Read a full profile of Budi here.

Masnellyarti “Ibu Nelly” Hilman


Masnellyarti “Ibu Nelly” Hilman, Senior Advisor.

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Nicklaus Hariojati


Nicklaus Hariojati, Program Officer.

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Aan Widhiarto


Aan Widhiarto, Program Assistant.

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Larah Ortega Ibañez


Larah Ortega Ibañez oversees a variety of projects for Pure Earth in the Philippines, including both research and cleanup. Larah is currently preparing for a large-scale project aimed at reducing heavy metal contamination in fishponds in the river systems surrounding Manila.

Marlo Mendoza


Marlo Mendoza.

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Marie “Mafe” Dapito


Marie “Mafe” Dapito, Program Officer.

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Roylan Fabro


Roylan Fabro, Program Officer.

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Florenda Katimbang


Finance and Administrative officer.More information to come…


“India is growing rapidly and we are working to find a balance between economics and the environment to maintain the sustainability of this growth,” says Promila Sharma.

“A lot of people do not know that great things are happening in India,” she adds. She explains to people she meets that cleanup efforts take time but that real change is coming.  Over the years, Promila has helped Pure Earth identify and assess over 400 polluted sites in India. The government now has a national plan for rehabilitating the worst of these sites. Read more about how Promila works to find common ground to solve pollution problems in India.

Duong Thi To


When an American plane went down in North Vietnam during the war, the story goes that a villager knew how to smelt down the plane for valuable aluminum.

Today, that village is one of thousands of toxic “craft” villages that dot the Vietnamese landscape. Duong Thi To is working with Pure Earth on a plan to clean up this polluting legacy.


Varduhi Petrosyan


Varduhi Petrosyan

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Dr. Rovshan Abbasov


Dr. Rovshan Abbasov is an associate professor at Kazar University, teaching classes on environmental science, geography, disaster management, water resource management, climate chance, and related issues. Rovshan has consulted on projects for a variety of international organizations, including the World Bank and OXFAM. His team has identified and screened over 50 sites in the first year of Pure Earth’s Toxic Sites Identification Program in Azerbaijan. Pure Earth is now working with the relevant ministries in Azerbaijan to create a national strategy to address abandoned waste sites, and to design a pilot cleanup project.

In 2016, Pure Earth completed its first cleanup project in Azerbaijan—at a toxic beach along the Caspian sea in Sumgayit.  

“I believe this cleanup is a symbol of what can happen in other polluted areas in Azerbaijan. People here have been telling me that this gives them hope. I live miles away in Baku and I feel the same way.”

Rostom Gamisonia




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Indira Zhakipova


Indira Zhakipova has been working in the environmental field since 2003. Now she represents local NGO Ekois-Bishkek, and is part of Pure Earth’s team in Kyrgyzstan.  Indira began as coordinator of the environmental information news portal and went on to serve as International projects manager in Kyrgyzstan for organizations including Milieukontakt, Green Cross, FAO, UNEP, UNDP, WB, and EC.  She has an excellent network in the Kyrgyz government, science community, NGO and business sector; and works diligently and passionately to get results on every project.

Erdene Naidansuren


Erdene Naidansuren

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Alena Temnikova

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Ulugov Umidjon Amonovichis (Umed)


Ulugov Umidjon Amonovichis (Umed) is a lawyer and the deputy director of the nonprofit group Youth of the 21st Century in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, where he seems to know everyone!

He has consulted on a variety of international projects, and is active in many environmental and human rights advocacy issues. Umed is currently working on a proposal to help the government review its current chemicals policy and create a national strategy to identify and remediate toxic hotspots.



Valeriia Kovach is Pure Earth’s country coordinator in Ukraine. Since joining Pure Earth in 2014, Valeriia has worked to identify polluted sites contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides, radio nuclides.  Valeriia’s experience includes work with the Institute of Environmental Geochemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in the Department of Environmental Problems, and on many national and international projects connected with rehabilitation and remediation of polluted areas. She has been awarded many national and international certificates, and received her PhD in Ecology in May 2015. Her areas of interest include environmental safety, nuclear safety and radiation protection.


Dr. Guido Condarco

Dr. Guido Condarco



Dr. Guido Condarco

Dr. Condarco specializes in occupational health, with experience in environmental health and development projects. He works with la Fundación Plagbol and teaches in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of San Andrés.

Joya Emilie de Menezes Correia-Deur

Joya Emilie de Menezes Correia-Deur



Joya Emilie de Menezes Correia-Deur

Daniel Estrada


Pure Earth is working in collaboration with the Mexican Government to solve a 500-year-old national toxic problem, and Daniel Estrada oversees all of this for Pure Earth in Mexico.

Traditional Mexican potters use toxic lead glazes to produce the colorful and popular wares that are used to cook and serve food every day in many homes and restaurants across the country.  As a result, a large portion of the population of Mexico is exposed daily to toxic lead. Children are particularly vulnerable to lead poisoning because of their smaller bodies and developing brains.  Daniel is working on getting Mexican potters to switch to a non-toxic glaze. (Read more about the Barro Aprobado project.) He also works on the Toxic Sites Identification Program in Mexico.

Netzy Peralta


Netzy Peralta

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Pedro Sifuentes


Pure Earth’s project office in Peru is Pedro Sifuentes. From Lima, Pedro  is an environmental engineer who used to work in the mining industry. He now uses his experience to help us on several projects in his country, including efforts to train artisanal and small-scale gold miners in mercury-free techniques. Like in this mine in Ollachea.

Lilian Corra


Dr. Lilian Corra is Pure Earth’s government relations advisor for South America.

As a pediatrician/neonatologist, Lilian has done extensive work to raise awareness about children’s health in relation to the environment. She is the director of the Medical Specialist Program on Health and Environment at the School of Medicine of the University of Buenos Aires.

She connects with global aid agencies and South American governments on behalf of Pure Earth, which acts as Secretariat for the new Global Alliance on Health and Pollution. She also works with Pure Earth on the Toxics Sites Identification Program in Argentina, which has, in some cases, led local authorities to halt development on contaminated sites. In 2016, she was part of a team of global experts who contributed to the World Health Organization (WHO)’s new series of children’s environmental health training modules.

Dr. Amalia Laborde


Dr. Amalia Laborde is the director of the toxicology department at the medical school of the Universidad de la Republica in Uruguay and also the head of the Pediatric Environmental Unit at the State Administration of Health Services.

Many informal settlements are located on or near contaminated sites in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, and cleaning them up is a priority of the local government. Amalia’s background as a clinical toxicologist is extremely useful in her work with Pure Earth in Uruguay. In 2016, she was part of a team of global experts who contributed to the World Health Organization (WHO)’s new series of children’s environmental health training modules.