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A Mountain Of Success in Agbogbloshie

Dec 28 , 2016

A mountain of success! Pure Earth partner GreenAd's Bennett Akuffo is shown here standing on a pile of cleanly processed plastic cable casings in Agbogbloshie, Ghana.  This is what would have been burnt, releasing polluting toxic fumes, if local recyclers.


Introducing Molly Bair: Superstar Model, Pollution Fighter!

Dec 16 , 2016

After a quick lesson at Pure Earth's office, Molly shows off her skills with the XRF--a handheld X-ray fluorescent analyzer that can identify toxic particles in soil in about 30 seconds! #FightPollution with Molly Bair When you see model Molly.


Getting Lead Out Of Sovetskoe (Kan), Kyrgyzstan

Dec 05 , 2016

This post comes from Alena Temnikova, Pure Earth's regional coordinator in Kyrgyzstan.  The red wall of the building is made from lead-contaminated sand taken from the mine tailings. When lead and zinc ore mining began in the 1950s, the first workers lived.