Off to India to Speak about Pollution and Economic Development

I am heading off to India, today, where I will be the keynote speaker at a gathering about toxic pollution, cleanup and economic development.  I believe this session will spark increasing cleanup efforts in India because of the presenting parties involved — the Aspen Institute India, the Confederation of Indian Industry and the World Wildlife Fund.  This shows that government officials, industry leaders and NGOs are now interested in working together to solve this problem and that is key to getting things done.

While I will talk about why toxic pollution cleanup is important, the Indian Minister of State for Environments and Forests will outline the government’s initiatives for dealing with the issue.  On a global scale, toxic cleanup gets very little attention.  India, which harbors several polluted hotspots, is beginning to realize that cleanup is key to continued economic development — good for business, good for people.  After years of working in India, we have built up a lot of support for pollution cleanup.  Interest in the issue is now the strongest it has ever been.

“The Invisible Pollution That’s Poisoning People Silently” will take place in New Delhi this Friday, March. 12.


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  3. Any follow up post on how the government outlined to deal with this issue? I’m quite curious as it may help my friend in his proposal he’s currently working for a Southeast Asian area.

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