Coordinator Resources | Toxic Site Identification Program Resources

Finance and Admin Forms

Investigator Handbook

Other Global Toxic Site Identification Program Resources

  • Summary of the Global Toxic Site Identification Program (PDF)
  • Sampling Protocol – English (As of Feb_2017)
  • Sampling Protocol – Russian (PDF)
  • Sampling Protocol – Spanish (PDF)
  • Photo Guidelines (PDF)
  • Sample Submittal Form (Excel)
  • Industry Overview – Used Lead-Acid Battery (ULAB) Recycling (PDF)
  • Industry Overview – Artisanal Small-Scale Gold Mining (ASGM) (PDF)
  • Communications Policy (PDF)
  • How Blacksmith Works With Countries (PDF)
  • Investigator Terms of Reference (MS-Word)
  • Recommended Levels for Chemicals and Metals (PDF)  (Excel)
  • Pollution-Pathway-People (PDF)
  • Blacksmith Index – An Overview (PDF)

Cleanup Project Resources

  • Global Lead Program: Tools, Technologies And Projects To Remediate Lead Pollution And Reduce Public Health Risks, July 2017 PDF 
  • Project Completion Report: (MS-Word)
  • Quarterly Reporting Template for Project Partners (MS-Word)
  • Stakeholder Group Procedure (PDF)
  • Expense Reporting Template for Project Partners (Excel)