HSBC Mexico’s “Adopt A Potter” Program Takes On Urgency After Earthquake


HSBC launched a unique “Adopt A Potter” program in support of Pure Earth’s work to reduce lead poisoning from the widespread use of traditional leaded pottery in Mexico.

Under the program, corporate volunteers visit artisans who have made their practices lead-free in order to see how their pottery workshops are run. The volunteers subsequently work in teams to develop a strategy for the artisans, providing assistance in sales, marketing, finance, administration and other business skills required to grow the lead-free business.

However, prior to this meeting, an earthquake struck which resulted in the loss of community member lives as well as damage to pottery workshops.

In response, HSBC volunteers brought relief supplies to the community. In addition, the volunteers decided to continue with the “Adopt A Potter” program.

In October, one month after the earthquake, volunteers packed a bus and headed to Tlayacapan, Mexico. The volunteers visited several workshops, where they watched the potters work. The volunteers also aided with some repairs to the buildings damaged by the earthquake.

The collaboration is expected to continue as the artisans and volunteers work together to promote lead-free pottery.

From the Pollution Blog: HSCBC Mexico’s “Adopt A Potter” Program Takes On Urgency After Earthquake