Solve pollution. Save lives. Protect the planet.

‘Together, we can end lead pollution’ with this slogan Pure Earth Bangladesh together with its partners UNICEF Bangladesh, ESDO, Department of Environment (DoE), and  Director General of Health Services (DGHS), and funding from the Clarios Foundation observed the International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week 2021.

The campaign aimed to strengthen the ongoing advocacy efforts and collaboration with government agencies and other relevant stakeholders, keep the momentum of discussion around lead pollution, and raise national-level awareness on the lead pollution issues through involving youth groups.

Roundtable Discussion

Pure Earth Bangladesh, jointly with the Director-General of Health Services (DGHS), UNICEF Bangladesh, and ESDO, funding from Clarios Foundation organized a roundtable discussion at the conference hall of the daily Prothom-Alo.

This event helped to bring together all the stakeholders and civil society organizations under one roof to discuss the severity of lead pollution, and take action for possible solutions with combined efforts.

Developing Key Messages

Pure Earth Bangladesh developed 20 key messages on lead pollution jointly with UNICEF Bangladesh and ESDO, later approved by DGHS. These messages were disseminated in the social channels of all the partners.

This helped to disseminate common messages in all the partners’ platforms maintaining consistency in the information and language.

The messages were easy to understand and catchy; targeting the mass audience in the virtual media to raise awareness on different lead pollution facts.

Social Media Campaign

Pure Earth Bangladesh developed 25 social media posts with the approved key messages and shared them on different social media channels which reached more than five thousand people. This was a 20-day long campaign.

200 youth representatives joined the #leadsollution campaign on Facebook. They have shared their photos with lead pollution prevention messages on a placard mentioning the hashtag on the post to draw attention to the issue.

Partners (UNICEF Bangladesh, EDSO) have also supported the #leadsolution campaign and shared all of their online campaign materials with this hashtag that helped to create a social media buzz on the lead pollution issue and strengthened the partnership through this combined efforts.

1 Million SMS Campaign

Pure Earth Bangladesh collaborated with the Director-General of Health Services (DGHS) to launch an SMS campaign that reached over 1 million people to raise awareness about childhood lead poisoning.

To help build public support for official action on lead to protect the nation’s children, Pure Earth Bangladesh took to social media to premiere a new video focusing on lead’s impact on children in the country, using the hashtag #leadsolution.