Leadership Council:
Rick Nevin, Economist

“Lucifer is not the name of the devil, and does not refer to anything innately evil. Lucifer is just the Latin name for a reflected image caused by a toxic lead-contaminated environment.”

Rick Nevin is an economist who is best known for his peer-reviewed research showing the relationship between preschool lead exposure trends and subsequent international crime trends, and U.S. trends in unwed teen pregnancy, Scholastic Achievement Test scores, and intellectual disability (ID). He has also written a short book, called Lucifer Curves, that updates and augments his research showing that lead exposure trends explain ongoing international crime trends, shifts in the peak age of offending dating back to the dawn of the industrial revolution, and converging U.S. racial trends in ID prevalence, unwed teen pregnancy, and arrest and incarceration rates.

Nevin was the principle author of the Economic Analysis of the 1999 Department of Housing and Urban Development rule on lead paint hazard evaluation and reduction. He also developed the methodology and technical appendix for the Federal Strategy for Eliminating Childhood Lead Poisoning, prepared for the President’s Task Force on Environmental Health and Safety Risks to Children, and he was a Co-Investigator on a NIH grant for Preventing Child Residential Lead Exposure by Window Replacement.