Barro Aprobado/Lead-Glazed Pottery

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Key pollutant
Lead-glazed pottery
  • Ingestion
  • Soil
  • Direct contact
Population affected
Children Under 6 Affected
DALYs averted
Date started
May 2013
Project Partners
  •  Health Services Morelos ( and Commission for Protection Against Health Risks of the State of Morelos (COPRISEM): Health Promotion with recommendations for preventing health risks to popular restaurants.
  •    Health Secretary Morelos ( and Mexican Institute of Social Security ( Participation in the program to determine blood lead levels at Morelos.
  •   National Institute of Public Health ( Coordination, design and implementation of determining blood lead levels.
  •    National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery ( Support for conducting laboratory studies to determine blood lead levels.

Civil Society Organizations

  •    Blacksmith Institute ( Impeller Barro Approved funding for implementation.
  •    Hundred Group: Promotion and dissemination of the strategy.
  •    Zícaro Foundation ( Training and counseling on issues Tlayacapan potters professionalization (use of information technology, marketing, legal, etc.)
  •    Interuniversity Association Environmental Group ( Sale of lead test kits and support dissemination.

Millions of men, women and children in Mexico have elevated blood lead levels.  Much of the lead poisoning comes from their use of traditional Mexican pottery—the colorful plates, pots and other wares that you see in almost every home and restaurant in the country. Traditional Mexican pottery has been produced by local artisans over the past five centuries using leaded glazes, which were introduced by the Spaniards.

The “Barro Aprobado” project will raise public awareness about the dangers of leaded pottery and promote the use and production of lead-free pottery.  The project launched in Morelos state will expand on its success nationwide.

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Barro Aprobado seeks to measure and influence the following indicators: Number of free potters lead-free dining number of lead, blood lead levels in the potters and lead levels in society in general. Pure Earth will follow the first two indicators. While the INSP, with support from the Ministry of Health of Morelos, IMSS and Pure Earth conducted a study to determine the blood lead levels in newborns of Morelos. Lead levels in blood in the pottery community borne by the INSP, the Ministry of Health of Morelos and Pure Earth.

Information collected will be used to generate reports that will be distributed to the general public and concerned authorities to replicate the positive experience of the program in other states.

Learn more about the Barro Aprobado campaign

* New research shows nearly half the children in Mexico impacted by lead poisoning, at risk for Mild Mental Retardation and other serious health impacts; lead exposure from pottery is the principal cause.

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