Pure Earth Guardians

Pure Earth Guardians work on the front lines of the fight to clean up pollution—the largest environmental cause of premature death and disease in the world today. Meet some of Pure Earth’s guardians and hear why they are so dedicated to helping us solve pollution. Find out what moves them to do what they do.

Meet Pure Earth Guardian Joe Hayes: Working in the “poison town”

In a front page report on our project in Zambia, The Guardian called Kabwe “the world’s most toxic town.” Joe guided Pure Earth’s lead cleanup in this community. “There’s always more need than we have ability to address. Moms come up to me in the neighborhood and say ‘Joseph, I live at 72 Chowa. When will you be there?’… I leave knowing that mom’s still waiting.”

Meet Pure Earth Guardian Rovshan Abbasov: “Impact Never Ends” in Azerbaijan

In 2007, Sumgayit in Azerbaijan was named one of the world’s worst polluted places. In 2014, Pure Earth began a unique, collaborative cleanup. Pure Earth Guardian Rovshan Abbasov talks about how he orchestrated a partnership that has transformed a toxic beach and lives.

Meet Pure Earth Guardian Drew McCartor: Pollution solutions are affordable

Yes, we can save lives and clean up pollution on a budget that even small towns can afford. Pure Earth Guardian Drew McCartor explains the big MISCONCEPTION that cleanups are always costly and complicated.