Pure Earth Mexico

Pure Earth Mexico’s Circle of Women program gives traditional artisans the space to explore their identity and work while learning lead-free techniques to keep their community safe.


DANIEL ESTRADA Country Director Pure Earth Mexico

CARMINA JURE CADERÓ Institutional Development Coordinator


SOFIA DEVEAUX DURÁN Director of Community Outreach


Zacatecas #95, Colonia Roma, Cuauhtémoc, Ciudad de México, Mexico CP: 06700

Email: daniel@pureearth.org

Twitter: @BarroAprobado

Country Summary

Up to 20% of Mexicans are poisoned by the pottery they use for daily meals at home and in restaurants across the country. Lead in traditional pottery glaze mixes with acidic foods–like coffee, chili peppers, tomatoes and lemons–and quickly enters bodies’ digestive systems and bloodstreams.

Since 2008, Pure Earth has been working with local authorities in Mexico to address the issue of lead in pottery. Pure Earth’s Barro Aprobado project is working to raise awareness about the dangers of leaded pottery, and to promote the use and production of lead-free pottery.

Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health- Mexico Summary

Pollution is responsible for 7.6% of deaths in Mexico. Learn more about how pollution affects health and the economy in Mexico by reading the Mexico Summary Report, based on the Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health.

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