Solve pollution. Save lives. Protect the planet.

2021 to 2030 Pure Earth’s
Decade of Transformation

Join us. Be a catalyst.

After 20 years of effort in 50 countries, the world is at a tipping point, recognizing the severity of the global pollution crisis and mobilizing the political will to demand a healthy, livable world for all.

We are harnessing this momentum and transforming it into concrete actions that solve the pollution crisis robbing children of their full potential, holding back entire communities.

Pure Earth is focusing on two of the most dangerous neurotoxins – lead and mercury – with a goal of reducing the poisoning and brain damage of children in targeted countries in the next 10 years.

Exposure to pollution is taking a staggering toll on the health of the world’s children, but unlike many global challenges, this one has solutions at hand. IT’S TIME TO ACT.

Children playing on a lead waste dump site.
Children playing on a lead waste dump site.

The Campaign: 2021-2025

GOAL: Scale up our comprehensive pollution solutions in 12 countries to improve the health of more than 290 million people, including 100 million children, by reducing toxic exposures.

From now through 2025, Pure Earth will focus on reducing exposures to lead and mercury and scaling our work, starting in:

  • Bangladesh
  • Colombia
  • Ghana
  • Georgia
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Mexico
  • Peru
  • Philippines

This requires that Pure Earth raise $40 million from private sources by 2025 to double the annual budget and establish an endowment, that ensures financial stability and capacity to respond to unexpected pollution crises and opportunities.

In addition, these private funds will help leverage an additional $10 million from the public sector and bilateral agencies.

The campaign’s success will have profound impact where we work.

• Millions of households will be free of food contaminated by heavy metals and toxic lead dust.

• Mothers and fathers with artisanal livelihoods like producing pottery and panning for gold will transition into safe practices and no longer expose themselves, their children and the environment to dangerous neurotoxins like lead and mercury.

• Communities will no longer be poisoned by unsafe battery recycling facilities.

• Millions of children will have lower concentrations of lead in their blood, enabling them and future generations to reach their potential.

Join us and be part of a solution that transforms lives and communities around the world.

Ways to Engage

Corporate Partners
Corporate Partners
CSR, Employee Engagement, and Corporate Giving

Pure Earth engages with corporate partners to have a direct impact in a country by supporting specific interventions.

Donor Organizations
Donor Organizations
Providing Resources to Scale Our Impact

Pure Earth’s foundation, government, and multilateral funders.

Concerned Individuals
Concerned Individuals
Join Us to Solve Pollution Problems

Pure Earth relies on the support of concerned individuals around the world.

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