Bihar ULAB Cleanup Project – Patna, India

the details…
Key pollutant
Informal recycling of automobile batteries
Population affected
Date started
September 2015
Cost of project
35,000 EUR
USAID, UNIDO, ERM, Private Donor

Pure Earth will work with a local civil society organization called Institute of Environment & Eco-Development (IEED) to reduce health risk from lead pollution in and around the Indian city of Patna, the capital of Bihar State. Like many cities in India, several neighborhoods in Patna are contaminated with lead resulting from the informal recycling of automobile batteries (used lead-acid batteries, or ULABs). In April of 2015, staff from Pure Earth and IEED conducted preliminary soil sampling throughout ULAB recycling areas around Patna. We identified lead contamination in soil that was more than 1000 above US EPA standards in locations where children play. The Bihar ULAB project will include a public information campaign, a program of working with local recyclers to change their processing location or practice such that their activities no longer jeopardize the health of local children, a cleanup component to reduce risks from existing pollution, and a health monitoring campaign to evaluate the impacts of the project.