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Scroll below to find an up to date list of protocols, technical guidance documents, and public education materials organized by Pure Earth’s 5-Phase Approach to Mitigate Lead Exposures.

Pure Earth is a trusted source for technical guidance on mitigating lead exposures. Read Pure Earth’s Programmatic Framework for Lead.

Pure Earth’s 5-Phase Approach to Mitigate Lead Exposures was developed from our experience of over 50 successful projects in low- and middle-income countries:

  1. Health Surveillance Conduct baseline BLL (blood lead level) testing and analysis to understand prevalence, severity and location of exposure.
  2. Source Analyses Measure likely sources in houses where people have elevated lead levels, to determine the most significant sources of exposure.
  3. Source-Specific Interventions Design and implement interventions to reduce the use and/or release of lead in products and industrial processes.
  4. Communications Disseminate findings to inform and build support with governments and funders for action.
  5. Country-Led Implementation Strategy Support the implementation of strategies and programmatic approaches within Ministry operations

Health Surveillance

Source Analyses

Source-Specific Interventions


Country-Led Implementation Strategy