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For over 20 years and across 50 countries, Pure Earth has been committed to solving the pollution crisis, which robs millions of children of their full potential and holds back entire communities. Pure Earth is focusing on two of the most dangerous neurotoxins– lead and mercury– with a goal of reducing the poisoning and brain damage of children in target countries over the next 10 years.

Exposure to pollution is taking a staggering toll on the health of the world’s children, but unlike many global challenges, this one has solutions at hand.

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Project Real Me

Project R.E.A.L.M.E. (Reduce Exposure to Adverse Lead and Mercury Everywhere) is a $40 million campaign to safeguard the world’s children from lead and mercury poisoning and pollution. The stakes are high: by scaling up pollution solutions in our selected countries, we aim to reduce toxic exposure for more than 15 million people, including 5 million children by 2025.

While most of toxic poisoning happens in low- and middle-income countries, our success matters to everyone. From global food supply chains to ecosystems, we live in an interconnected world. In 2021, investigators in the US found lead in baby food and spices. As for mercury, once it’s released, it can travel around the world, dropping into oceans and rivers, contaminating the seafood we all consume. Pollution knows no borders. 

That’s why Pure Earth is calling on all of our committed partners, friends and stakeholders to join us in this unprecedented opportunity to scale up proven solutions in 12 countries that stop pollution at the source at a cost of merely $9 per child. By supporting Project R.E.A.L.M.E., together, we can solve pollution, save lives and protect the planet.

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