Mr.  Weinreich is the Co-Founder and Co-Managing Principal of J5 Trustee Services, LLC, which advances environmental and economic justice for disadvantaged communities by serving as a court-appointed trustee to clean up and catalyze the reuse of hazardous waste sites across the United States. Marc is also the Co-Founder and Former Multi-Decade Board Member and Vice President of Greenfield Environmental Trust Group, Inc. Greenfield is the oldest professional service provider to court-designated environmental response, remediation and custodial trusts for federal and state superfund sites, RCRA facilities, mine-scarred lands and other hazardous waste sites nationally. Marc served as the Chair of the Trust Advisory Board of the Anadarko Litigation Trust (2011-2016)–the entity charged with prosecuting and settling for $5.14 billion the fraudulent conveyance litigation against Anadarko/Kerr-McGee Chemical for the spin-off of bankrupt chemical company, Tronox, and its associated legacy environmental liabilities in 31 States. He is a Member of the National Roster of Environmental Conflict Resolution Professionals, maintained by the congressionally established U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution.