Solve pollution. Save lives. Protect the planet.

Pioneering evidence-based solutions to protect children from mercury and lead poisoning

Pure Earth partners with governments, communities and industry leaders to identify and implement solutions that stop toxic exposures, protect health, and restore environments.

Why Lead + Mercury?

Lead and mercury exposure pose a greater risk than all other Top Ten Chemicals of Concern identified by World Health Organization.


Lead poisoning affects 1 in 3 children, around 800 million globally. This is mass poisoning on a previously unknown scale. 90% of children with high lead levels are in low- and middle-income countries.


Mercury is a toxic heavy metal and one of the top ten chemicals of major public health concern, according to the World Health Organization. Pure Earth estimates that 19 million people are at risk for exposure to mercury globally.

Where We Work

Working out of 10 regional offices around the world, Pure Earth's global team of nearly 100 professionals has completed projects in more than 50 low- and middle-income countries. Pure Earth prioritizes locations for long-term investment based on quantitative and qualitative factors. Explore the work of our global teams.

Understanding Our Impact

Enhancing Health Surveillance
Pure Earth collaborates with governments to enhance health surveillance. Since 2018, Pure Earth has collaborated with nine countries (Bangladesh, Colombia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Peru, and the Philippines) to implement large scale blood lead level surveys.
Identifying Sources of Exposure
Pure Earth assesses the main sources of heavy metal exposure in communities and countries. We've identified nearly 5000 toxic sites across 50+ countries, analyzed 5,800+ consumer product samples for lead contamination in 25 countries, and assessed lead exposure sources in 750+ homes of lead-poisoned children across 6 countries.
Reducing Exposure to Pollution
Pure Earth measurably reduces exposure to pollution by remediating contaminated sites, investing in pollution control for industrial pollution, and enhancing regulations and enforcement capacities of low- and middle-income countries. With over 120 interventions conducted across 32 countries, we are actively working to diminish the threat of heavy metal poisoning worldwide.
Raising Awareness
Pure Earth uses our research, expertise, and global presence to advocate for ending the multigenerational cycle of mercury and lead poisoning. Between 2020 and 2023, Pure Earth organized 80+ events around the world to raise awareness of the health impacts of pollution, including webinars, briefings, and outreach events.