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About Pure Earth Colombia

Since we started operations in Colombia in 2016, we have been working on multiple fronts to reduce the prevalence of toxic pollution and the cost associated with human health; It is a long-term work, in alliance with local and national authorities as a contribution to country programs and defined public policies.

In this way, the programs have focused on vulnerable communities in the context of the social problems that impact Colombia.

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Programmatic Solutions

Toxic Site Identification
Toxic Site Identification

Empowering change through data. Our Toxic Site Identification Program (TSIP) locates, assesses, and documents contaminated sites. By storing this information in a publicly accessible database, we equip decision-makers with essential information to address environmental challenges.

Mercury Contamination Solutions
Mercury Contamination Solutions

Local efforts contrinuting to strengthening the implementation of the Minamata Convention and reducing mercury pollution released into the environment, safeguarding both human health and the ecosystem.



Lead Contamination Solutions
Lead Contamination Solutions

Activities aimed at identifying sources of lead contamination and contributing to the global effort to reduce lead contamination in vulnerable populations.

Advocacy and Campaigns
Advocacy and Campaigns

Join our campaigns to amplify voices, drive change, and protect our planet for future generations.

Together, let’s make a difference.

The Toxic Truth

Prize winners of Artisanal Mining Grand Challenge: The Amazon

Knowledge Materials

 The pollution present in the air, water, and soil is affecting our health and our communities, challenging us to take urgent measures to eliminate it. A challenge that needs superheroes to eliminate the pollution from our lives and communities.

That’s why we are looking for superheroes who want to win this pollution challenge. The main duty of these superheroes is to assume responsibility with their community and families to promote healthy lifestyle habits that allow us to overcome the challenge of pollution.

Do you want to become a superhero and be part of this pollution challenge?

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