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About Pure Earth Ghana

Pure Earth’s engagement in Ghana began with the signing of a partnership Memorandum of Understanding in 2010 with Green Advocacy Ghana (GreenAd), an environmental advocacy organization. Per the agreement, GreenAd Ghana would act as the secretariat for PE’s work on pollution and health issues in Ghana. The main activities focused on the Toxic Sites Identification Program (TSIP) across all regions in Ghana.

TSIP work began in Ghana in 2012 with the selection and training of 12 Site Investigators. Since then, a total of 221 sites with toxic contamination have been identified and assessed. At these sites, Lead, Mercury, and Arsenic were found to be the most prevalent toxins.

In a small corner of Agbogbloshie, at a highly contaminated e-waste dump, workers were introduced to an alternative to burning the plastic coating off wires to get at the valuable copper. Mechanized wire stripping machines safely removed lead-infused plastic coatings from copper wire. While this center was operating, the model e-scrap facility produced an estimated 450 pounds of recycled copper and 40 pounds of aluminum for export in a month.

The recycling facility demonstrated the possibilities: cleaner and economically viable recycling, cooperation among stakeholders in the informal recycling economy, and less exposure to toxic pollution and heavy metals for both the workers and nearby residents. The National Youth Authority, a local government department, provided the land for the pilot project facility, which was created using three 40-foot ISO Intermodal Containers and four mechanized wire-strippers.

The Agbogbloshie Scrap Dealers Cooperative, which is owned by GASDA, GreenAd, and the National Youth Authority managed the recycling facility with oversight by the Ghana Environmental Protection Agency.

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Research on Lead Sources
Research on Lead Sources
Toxic Site Assessments
Toxic Site Assessments
Lead Remediation Program
Lead Remediation Program
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Advocacy and Campaigns


International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week

October 24-30th, 2021