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June 2021: 

  • Empowering Tea Workers In Bangladesh To Fight Pollution
  • Think Tank Recommends Supporting Pure Earth
  • Commissioned To Investigate Worst Mercury Sites In Colombia, Pure Earth Develops New Index
  • Benefit Bash Save The Date: Oct 4, 2021

June 2021: Breaking News Alert

  • Think Tank Recommends Pure Earth As Leading Organization With Effective Solutions

February 2021

  • Stopping Dangerous Levels of Heavy Metals in Baby Food

January 2021

  • A Year Like No Other: Looking Back and Beyond 2020

November 2020

  • Madeleine Albright Co-Authors Fortune Op-Ed Supporting Partnership To Protect Children From Lead Exposure
  • Gold Miners Embrace Rainforest Restoration and Mercury-Free Methods
  • New Retail Partner Helps Pure Earth Tackle Pollution

September 2020

  • Interactive Map Shows Where Children Are Being Exposed To Lead
  • Call For Action Grows
  • Pure Earth Golf Benefit: Sept. 21
  • Video Shows Seedlings Bloom In The Rainforest
  • Connect With Pure Earth Worldwide

May 2020

  • Mother’s Day in Kathgora
  • Mothers of Change
  • Helping Mexico’s Lead-Free Potters, Hard Hit By Pandemic
  • Activating Communities

March 2020

  • Our Global Work Continues
  • Partner With Us For Virtual Earth Day
  • Visit Pure Earth’s Newly Updated Toxic Site Database — Available Online

February 2020

  • We’re in the Top 100 of Macarthur Foundation’s 100 & Change Competition!

January 2020

  • 2020 Vision

October 2019

  • Pure Earth Partners With Clean Air Fund
  • Exploring Climate Connections at C40
  • Pure Earth President Receives Advance Award for Social Impact
  • Brazil: Helping the Potters of Maragogipinho Go Lead Free

August 2019

  • Pure Earth Travel Diary: What We Did This Summer
  • Madagascar: United in Soccer and Pollution Cleanup
  • Bangladesh: Children’s Lead Levels Fall 42%
  • Georgia: Investigating A Lead Emergency
  • Ukraine: Chernobyl and Radikal

March 2019:

  • Celebrating our Impact and Building Momentum
  • 2018 Key Accomplishments

January 2019:

  • Pure Earth presents groundbreaking report on transboundary pollution

October 2018:

  • Pollution: A Critical Link for Achieving the SDGs

August 2018:

  • Meet Our Heroes: Pure Earth’s Global Toxic Site Investigators
  • Teaching Kids to Break Free from Lead Poisoning with Puppets, Games, and a Villain Called “Lead Man”
  • Rallying Support for Pollution
  • Australian Honor Will Help Focus Attention on Pollution

January 2018:

  • From The World Bank To Davos, Pure Earth Calls For Investments In Pollution Solutions
  • Save The Date: April 23
  • HSBC Mexico’s “Adopt A Potter” Program Takes On Urgency After Earthquake

August 2017:

  • Minamata Convention Enters Into Force Aug 16
  • Quickest Discovery Of Contaminated Sites In Two Decades
  • Update On Research  – Pure Earth published paper on lead and lowered IQ; Journal of Health and Pollution quadruples submissions
  • Get Your Tickets Now For Our Golf Benefit: Sept. 25
  • Buy and Give: Shop Our Featured Jeweler To Support Mercury-Free Mining Programs

June 2017:

What Is It Like To Be A Pollution Fighter? Stories From The Frontlines: Zambia, Tajikistan, Philippines

  • In Zambia: Dr. Jack Caravanos Shows Reporter His Obsession With “The World’s Most Toxic Town”
  • In Tajikistan: Umed Saves Families From Toxic Landowner
  • In The Philippines: Follow Lara For A Week Of Toxic Investigations, And An Escape From A Fire

March 2017:

  • Why Women Hold The Key To Fighting Pollution
  • Get A “Front Row Seat” Or Be A “Lead Singer!” Reservations Open Now For The Heavy Metal Benefit Bash
  • Database Of World’s Polluted Sites Now Online
  • Investigating Toxic Sites In Colombia
  • Pollution Info-Sessions Allow Global Experts To Share Insights, Expertise Every Two Weeks
  • Hello From Around The World

January 2017: Here’s How We Fought Pollution With Your Support, And Helped To Save Lives In 2016

November 2016: Helping Brazil Fight Its Deadly Pollution Problems

September 2016:  Back To School: Educating Children, Families About What’s Poisoning Them

July 2016:

May 2016:

January 2016:

November 2015:

September 2015

Spring 2015

Winter 2014/2015

  • Snapshots of Progress in 2014
  • Out In The Global Field
  • Putting Toxic Pollution On the World’s “To-Do” List
  • Mapping Pollution, Finding “Orphans”
  • Focus on Research, Giving Voice to the Underrepresented
  • Report: Top Ten Countries Turning The Corner on Toxic Pollution
  • Forging a Global Alliance

July 2014:

  • New Analysis: Pollution #1 Cause of Death
  • U.N. Responds to Our Call to #SpotlightPollution in the SDGs
  • Breaking Mexico’s 500-Year-Old Toxic Tradition
  • Soccer Field Transformed from Toxic Lead Dump To Safe Play Space
  • A Toxic “Craft” Village in Vietnam Cleans Up
  • How Hard Is It To Clean Up A Secret Toxic Site Sitting On Top Of A Bomb?

Dec 2013/Jan 2014:

  • What will the world focus on over the next decade?
  • Eliminating pesticides in former Soviet Union
  • Snapshots of progress in 2013 in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe/Central Asia
  • A key year in research

Sept/Oct 2013:

  • Top Ten Toxic Threats in 2013
  • Helping Countries Abide by Minamata
  • Bringing Poisoned Poor to the European Parliament
  • Training Women in Senegal
  • Why are Children in Mexico Still Suffering from Lead
  • Global Remediation Guides

July/Aug 2013:

  • Involving the Chinese public in pollution cleanup
  • Wishing for a Soccer Field that does not Kill
  • Fishponds in one of the World’s Worst Polluted Rivers get Help
  • Blacksmith Recognized As One Of Country’s Top Performing Nonprofits Again
  • Sept. 1 Deadline Fast Approaching For New Blacksmith/AuthorAID
  • The New Journal of Health and Pollution is Out

May/June 2013:

  • Fighting Toxic Pollution with Research
  • Database of Global Hotspots Goes Public
  • First Trial of Borax Method
  • Toxic Rice Fields of China
  • Blacksmith Addresses Toxic Trail of Old Batteries in the New York Times
  • VIDEO:  Mexico’s Pretty but Poisonous Problem
  • 2012 Annual Report is Released

March/April 2013:

  • Meet Our Global Team
  • Borax Research Paper
  • New Online Resource Pools Global Pollution Knowledge
  • Focus on India
  • VIDEO: A Coversation with Dr. Alexey Yablokov about Fukushima, Chernobyl and the Staggering Impact of Pollution

Jan/Feb 2013:

  • Blacksmith Introduces Global Alliance at INC5
  • Key INC5 Agreement Details
  • New Report on Rising Threat of Mercury; New Project Launches in Indonesia
  • Blacksmith and Vance Center Collaborate to Create Legal Guide for Contaminated Site Management
  • AuthorAID Seeks Mentors for Researchers
  • Nominations for Green Star Awards Due March 15

Nov/Dec 2012:

  • Top 5 Ways We Beat Back Pollution in 2012

Sept/Oct 2012:

  • The 2012 World’s Worst Pollution Problems Report Reveals Impact Across 49 Countries
  • In the News: The 2012 World’s Worst Pollution Problems Report
  • Thank You! Blacksmith’s Annual Golf Benefit Raises Thousands for Pollution Cleanup

July/Aug 2012:

  • Unprecedented Global Alliance Forms to Fight Pollution
  • Blacksmith Keeps Mercury Cleanup in Focus at INC4
  • Essential Reading: Q&A with Author of “Visit Sunny Chernobyl,” and More
  • Save the date: Blacksmith’s Annual Golf Benefit

May/June 2012:

  • Filtering Radiation Out of Water in Kyrgyzstan’s Schools
  • India: Small Projects in India with Big Potential
  • Blacksmith Small Research Grants
  • World Meeting on Pollution in Bellagio,
  • Toxic Sites Identification Program Paper Published

March/April 2012:

  • Filipino Miner’s Borax Secret
  • Pakistan’s Pesticide Pollution Problem
  • “Heroic NGO Takes on Big Job of Global Toxic Cleanup”
  • Global Workshops in Armenia, Peru, Mexico and Uruguay
  • Blacksmith Addresses Leather Industry
  • The iPad and 6 Million Tons of E-Waste
  • Blacksmith Gathers Support in Hong Kong

January 2012:

  • Ghana: Sodom and Gomorrah E-Wasteland
  • Blacksmith and World Bank Look After “Orphaned” Sites
  • China: Blacksmith Adds Experts
  • “Sensationalist” Claim

November 2011:

  • New Report List Top Ten World’s Worst Toxic Pollution Problems With A Big Surprise

October 2011:

  • Ten Things You Might Not Know About Pollution
  • New Pollution Report Due in November
  • An Engineer Without Borders
  • Thank You – Golf Benefit Raises Thousands

September 2011:

  • What is Pollution?
  • Golf Benefit To Raise Funds for Global Cleanup
  • Looking Ahead: China 2011-2014

August 2011:

  • Indonesia: “Miracle” Mercury Machine
  • Asia: Blacksmith Identifies 600 Polluted Sites
  • India: An 8 Million Ton Toxic Waste Problem
  • China: Partners Gather; New Focus on Heavy Metals

June 2011:

  • Russia: Meeting Medvedev on Russia’s Pollution Crisis
  • Philippines: National Summit Produces Five-Year Plan
  • China: Bad Press, Good Press
  • El Salvador: Contemplating a Nationwide “Superfund” Program
  • Blacksmith Featured As UNEP Expert

May 2011:

  • Blacksmith Wins UN-Backed Green Star Award for Work in Environmental Emergencies
  • Save the Date: Blacksmith Golf Benefit Tees Off Oct. 3
  • Mercury Exposure Rises Dramatically in the U.S.; One of Top Six Toxic Threats
  • Paradise Remade: Cleanup of One of the World’s Worst Polluted Places

April 2011:

  • Vietnam’s Toxic Craft Villages
  • Success Story: Nigeria Lead Poisoning Cleanup Report
  • A Tour of Chernobyl: 25 years Later; How Much Radiation is Dangerous?
  • Call for Papers: The Journal of Health and Pollution

February 2011:

  • Comprehensive Philippine Lead Remediation Starts Shortly
  • Introducing New Additions to the Blacksmith Team
  • Jakarta Lead Poisoning Initiative Enters Remediation Stage
  • Upcoming Speaking Engagements for Blacksmith President Richard Fuller
  • Toxic Pollution in Poor Countries – Introducing “JH&P”

January 2011:

  • Blacksmith to publish peer-reviewed journal on health and pollution
  • Upcoming press conference on lead glaze use in Mexican ceramics
  • Thank you donors for your generous holiday support
  • Bloomberg reports on continuing lead poisoning outbreak in Nigeria
  • Links to more stories and project updates

September 2010:

  • Philippines: River Cleanup Award
  • Ghana: “Sodom and Gomorrah” E-wasteland
  • Reminder: Charity Event to Raise Awareness about Global Killer, Fund Cleanup

July 2010:

  • Nigeria: Emergency Update
  • Senegal: Closing the Chapter on a Tragedy

June 2010:

May 2010:

  • “The Invisible Pollution” – Video of Panel Discussion in India
  • China: Replicating a Wetlands Treatment System
  • Ghana: Global Inventory Project Expands into West Africa
  • Mexico: Removing Lead from a Tradition
  • Mexico: New Proponent
  • Blacksmith Institute 2009 Annual Report
  • In The News
  • Blacksmith Video Spotlight

April 2010:

  • VIDEO: The Story of Lead – A Tour Through 4 Polluted Sites
  • Ghana: Report and Video from the Agbogbloshie E-Wasteland

March 2010:

  • Pink Crocodiles in India
  • Senegal: PRI’s The World Reports on Lead in Senegal
  • Dominican Republic: New Park, Fresh Start in God’s Paradise
  • Philippines: Tapping Human Ecology to Clean Up Pollution

Feb. 2010:

  • The Pollution Connection: Vaccines, Poverty, IQ and Autism
  • Philippines: Pollution Research Project Wins Science Prize
  • Philippines: Volunteers
  • Russia: Saving Children and the Russian Desman Too

Jan. 2010:

  • New Grant for Global Inventory
  • Lead Cleanup Continues in Senegal
  • Mercury: The Burning Issue (Video of artisanal gold mines in Indonesia)
  • A Champion for Children – Dr. Philip J. Landrigan

Dec. 2009:

  • Save a Life this December
  • Behind the Global Inventory Project
  • Making A List and Checking it off

Nov. 2009:

  • Going Online to Take Pollution Offline
  • The End of Pollution? New Report Highlights Top 12 Pollution Solutions That May Pave The Way
  • “Lead Head” Scientist Travels the World for Blacksmith
  • Golf Benefit Raises Money for Cleanup
  • Babies and Lead
  • Dominican Republic: Paraíso de Dios Receives Additional Help
  • Philippines: Floods and Landslides Affect Pollution Cleanup Projects

Oct. 2009 Special Bulletin – Release of 2009 Blacksmith report

Sept. 2009

  • New Blacksmith Report Out This Fall
  • IAEA Taps Blacksmith’s Expertise for “Toxic Playpen
  • Philippines: Toxic Stew Contaminates Essential River System
  • Bringing People Together to Fight Pollution in India

Aug. 2009 – Cleaning up Kindergartens, New Projects Launch

  • Blacksmith Golf Benefit
  • Call for 2009 Nominations
  • Russia: Success Story–Playgrounds, Sandboxes, Kindergartens Get Cleaned Up
  • China: E-Waste Project Launches
  • Mexico: Removing Toxic Lead from Ceramics
  • Indonesia: Looking for Asia’s Most Polluted Sites
  • India: Vapi Removed from World’s Worst List
  • Blacksmith Board Member Invests in a Clean World

July 2009 – Pollution:  A Global Killer, a Solvable Problem

  • Pollution: A Global Killer, A Solvable Problem
  • Peru: New York Times and BBC Spotlights Blacksmith Project in La Oroya
  • Senegal: Blacksmith Goes from House to House, Preparing for Children’s Return
  • Ukraine: Another Chernobyl?
  • India: Toxin-Eating Worms to Take on Golden Corridor
  • More Experts Volunteer for Blacksmith Projects
  • Health and Pollution Fund