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Mongolia (Ulaanbaatar): Assessment – Tannery Industry Zone

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Population affected
Date completed
Sept. 2019

Pure Earth conducted a Preliminary Site Assessment of the Tannery Industry Zone, Khan-Uul District of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia in 2019.

Of the approximately 140 tannery facilities in Mongolia, 60 facilities are located in Khan-Uul. The field team studied 55 hectares of Khan-Uul finding extensive chromium contamination. The site is located in a densely populated area of 12,000 people, posing a credible health risk. Moreover the area is currently experiencing population growth as high-rise apartment complexes are built. The assessment was done at the request of the Administration of Ulaanbaatar who has expressed interest in taking some action at the site to mitigate risks. The next step is to conduct a Detailed Site Assessment.