Solve pollution. Save lives. Protect the planet.

Pure Earth is dedicated to solving toxic pollution problems in low- and middle-income countries, where human health is at risk.

Founded in 1999, Pure Earth works in low- and middle-income countries in communities experiencing the worst of the pollution crisis suffering from high levels of death, disease and disability, especially children and pregnant women.

Pure Earth partners with governments, international funders and agencies, industry, NGOs, academia, and community leaders to design and implement innovative, low-cost solutions to cleanup toxic pollution.

Our teams identify toxic hot spots and work alongside community members and government, building their capacity to clean up disease-causing toxic pollution in soil, water and air. Interventions to mitigate these toxic exposures while protecting livelihoods have proven to be manageable, cost-effective, and feasible. This field work, combined with our groundbreaking research and advocacy, is elevating pollution control and prevention to a local and global priority.

Pure Earth has addressed toxic pollution in over 120 project locations through assessment, remediation, risk mitigation, awareness raising and more. These projects have impacted approximately 5 million people—20% of those being children under six. Families in many of these communities will live longer, have less intellectual impairment, cancer and other diseases.

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