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What is the Pure Earth Pure Gold Jewelry Collection & Auction?

Since 2017 Pure Earth has collaborated with jewelry designers and others in the industry to raise awareness about the global impact of mercury pollution from gold mining, and the plight of artisanal and small-scale gold miners who risk their health to make a living.

A centerpiece of this effort is the annual Pure Earth Pure Gold jewelry collection, which features beautiful, unique pieces of jewelry crafted by designers who are passionate about using responsibly-sourced materials and supporting Pure Earth’s work.

Funds raised from the auction of the annual collection support Pure Earth’s pollution cleanup efforts around the world, including work directly with artisanal and small-scale gold mining (ASGM) communities to help them go mercury-free and restore land stripped by mining in the Amazon rainforest.

The 2023 Pure Earth Pure Gold collection will feature beautiful pieces crafted using Fairmined gold donated by industry leader Hoover and Strong. The collection will open for purchase in early October.

Past actors and models who have presented this auction include actress-singer Ruby Modine; members of the Model Mafia, a collective of activist models brought together by Cameron Russell and Áine Rose Campbell; modeling sensation Molly Bair; and Colombian actress, model, and philanthropist Taliana Vargas.

2023 participating jewelers include:

Andrea Jose Castro, Ani Fine Jewelry, Arvino, Bario Neal, BLISS, Brilliant Earth, Dana Bronfman, Susan Crow, EN Studio, FUTURA, Hi June Parker Fine Jewelry, Maya Kini, Delphine Leymarie, LOLiDE, Made Line, Christina Malle, Melissa Joy Manning, MERZATTA, Mina Stones, Patrizia NYC, Pippa Small Jewellery, Andrea Pooler, Roseate Jewelry, Sandrine B. Valentine, SharonZ, Stephen Jacob’s, TOBY POMEROY, Truss and Ore, Irene Weinz, WEND, Lorraine West, World of Barbosa, WWake.

Actor and Musician Ruby Rivera Modine.


Colombian actress, model, and philanthropist Taliana Vargas.

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