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Lead Cleanup in Jakarta, Indonesia

Nov 24 , 2009

Jakarta - we are so fortunate to have Budi Susilorini working for us there.  She's our eyes, ears and hands on the ground for our cleanup work in Indonesia.  We're about to kick off a project targeting lead poisoning on.


Another Chernobyl?

Nov 19 , 2009 ,by Elissa Marie

Blacksmith is working to avert a catastrophe on the scale of Bhopal or Chernobyl at the old Gorlovka chemical plant in the Ukraine. Recently, I've been working to avert a catastrophe at the Gorlovka chemical plant  in the Ukraine, which.


12 pinpricks of light

Nov 10 , 2009

David Hanrahan, Blacksmith's director of global operations, described it best when he called them "12 pinpricks of light" - these are the 12 cases of cleanup and success we found around the world. I was surprised and a little shocked.


Global Team Profile: “Lead Head” Scientist Travels the World for Blacksmith

Nov 07 , 2009

Jack Caravanos has cut his way through jungles in Panama, climbed mountains in Peru, dodged cobras in India, and waded through murky rivers in the Dominican Republic, all to get a sample of contaminated soil, air or water.  He has fallen and.