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Save a Life this Holiday Season

Dec 23 , 2009

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  I am taking this shameless opportunity to remind everyone out there that there's still time to take Blacksmith Institute's $5 a Day December Holiday Challenge!  So if you are still wondering what to get that somebody who has.


Potty Training Pigs and Other Great Solutions

Dec 14 , 2009

I was going to write about Copenhagen and "climategate" today ... but then I came across a curious piece of news about potty training pigs! It seems a farmer in Taiwan has trained his pigs to use a litter box,.


Lessons from the past for Copenhagen

Dec 08 , 2009

For the next two weeks, the eyes of the world will be on Copenhagen, where leaders of some 200 countries have gathered to try to find some kind of consensus on tackling the problem of climate change. "Unless the world can.


Global Team Profile: Bret Ericson Making A List and Checking it off

Dec 07 , 2009

Over the past year, Bret Ericson has been  traveling the world helping to compile a unique list -- the first ever global inventory of polluted places "Currently, a worldwide list of sites where pollution is acutely affecting human health does.


All that glitters…

Dec 02 , 2009

young gold miner in Indonesia. Photo from The price of gold hit a record high today, reaching $1,216.75 an ounce in Europe. What does this have to do with pollution? Well, in this age of globalization, everything is connected.