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In Cameroon: Hunting For Toxic Killers

Jul 27 , 2016

Fighting pollution does not just mean cleaning up toxic sites.  It also involves a lot of behind-the-scenes work that might not make the news, such as the painstaking task of identifying, mapping, and assessing contaminated hotspots around the world. This was what.


Update on Latin America: A Dirty Talk and A New Research Paper

Jul 13 , 2016

Dirty Talk With A View  For our latest Dirty Talk (Pure Earth's awareness-raising lunchtime series), we brought experts to the New York Times building to talk about pollution in Latin America. The event attracted a full house and boasted some of the best.


Mongolia Teaching Van Trailblazes A Path To Mercury-Free Mining

Jul 12 , 2016

This post is from Pure Earth summer intern Sarah Baer, a youth philanthropy leader in her junior year at the University of Pennsylvania. In the remote reaches of Mongolia, Pure Earth’s project team has put together a teaching van to educate miners on.