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Learn more about our Global Lead Program

Over the last 18 months, Pure Earth doubled down on identifying the key sources of lead exposure. We conducted the first-ever global survey of lead in consumer goods, testing lead levels in 5,000 consumer products from 25 countries. The findings are sobering: lead-contaminated products including aluminum and ceramic cookware, paint, toys, cosmetics, and spices are significant drivers of lead poisoning impacting 1/3 of the world’s children. 

With support from Takeda Pharmaceuticals Limited, Pure Earth also launched Strengthening Health Systems to Reduce Lead Exposure, a partnership between Pure Earth and the Ministries of Health in Colombia, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Maharashtra, India, and Peru to strengthen each country’s national healthcare system to better prevent, identify, and treat lead poisoning.

To learn more about our projects around the world, take a look at the 2022/2023 Annual Report.