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Thanks to all who attended our 2024 events!

On International Women’s Day and everyday, Pure Earth honors leaders who are pioneering the fight against pollution.

In-Person Event

Pure Earth’s Force of Nature Celebration

Monday, March 11th, 2024

Affirmation Arts, New York City

Pure Earth’s Force of Nature awards recognize the strength and achievements of our honorees as well as countless women the world over working every day to solve pollution, protect their families and communities, and advocate on behalf of the most vulnerable. 

Read more about our 2024 Force of Nature honorees on the Pollution Blog. 

Celebrate International Women’s Day with a sampling of international foods, unlimited Palomas and Pisco drinks and desserts from Magnolia Bakery. The event will be hosted by Emmy award-winning NBC 4 New York journalist Sarah Wallace.

Virtual Webinar

Hidden Hazards: Protecting Maternal Health from Toxic Chemical Pollution

March 5, 2024 at 9am New York / 9am Bogotá / 2pm Accra / 7:30pm Delhi / 8pm Dhaka 10pm Manila

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2024, join us for an insightful panel discussion that delves into the intersection of heavy metal pollution and maternal health in low- and middle-income countries followed by an audience Q&A. 

Learn more about the event here. 


Journalist Nadima Umar Uthman Wins UN Award for Coverage of Pure Earth Ghana’s Work to Prevent Childhood Lead Poisoning

In December 2023, Nadima Umar Uthman won the bronze medal at the 27th annual United Nations Correspondents Association (UNCA) awards, receiving the prestigious Ricardo Ortega Memorial Prize for her exceptional reporting on lead poisoning’s effects on pregnant women and children and Pure Earth’s interventions in Ghana.

Her extensive reporting on Pure Earth’s intervention in Ashaiman has not only brought attention to this critical issue in Ghana but also showcased journalistic excellence and integrity.

Watch Uthman’s award-winning reporting on lead pollution in Ghana.

Women and the Fight Against Pollution

Across the globe, women are cleaning up pollution, protecting families and the planet, and advocating on behalf of the most vulnerable.

The profound impact that pollution has on maternal and child health demands action, and women are leading the effort, crafting solutions in government and policy making, private entrepreneurship, and community-level interventions.

Pure Earth’s Force of Nature awards celebrate the strength and achievements of our honorees as well as countless women the world over working every day to solve pollution, protect their families and communities, and advocate on behalf of the most vulnerable.

Pollution is a Maternal and Child Health Issue

Exposures to dangerous chemicals have a multigenerational impact on women and families. Pregnant women can transmit toxins to their infants in utero and via breast milk. Toxic exposures have been linked to pre-term birth, infant mortality and developmental disabilities. Lead and mercury are increasingly making their way into kitchens around the globe in baby food, tuna, spices and cookware, most acutely in the households of poor families in low- and middle-income countries. Plus, millions of women have livelihoods such as small-scale gold mining and battery recycling that pollute and use dangerous chemicals.

Women are The Key to the Solution

Once educated on the dangers and sources of toxins, Pure Earth’s experts report that it’s the women in the community who often take charge—participating in our trainings on how to clean up pollutants in the home and make their work practices safe. They are also the most vocal advocates.

At Pure Earth, we aim for equal participation of women in all our projects. Learn more:

Previous Force of Nature Celebrations for International Women’s Day


Awardees included:

Dani Cutler — A leader in responsible sourcing in the jewelry industry, top supplier of mercury-free arstisanal gold and key to the Pure Earth Pure Gold Auction.

Karen Mathiasen — Former Acting Executive Director, World Bank Group; Commissioner, The Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health, raising the profile of pollution on global development agenda.

Alicia Ogawa — Pure Earth Board Member committed to encouraging companies and investors to include pollution in their ESG initiatives.


Awardees included:

Carol Browner — the longest serving Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and is currently Senior Counsel at Covington & Burling LLP. She has demonstrated a lifelong dedication to protecting vulnerable populations and promoting environmental equity.

Christina Malle a former human rights lawyer turned goldsmith and advocate for a traceable and transparent jewelry supply chain.

Dr. Netzy Peralta — an anthropologist by training, and also a member of the Nahua community, the largest indigenous group in Mexico. Her personal connection to the indigenous community and insight into local cultural traditions is critical to Pure Earth’s work transitioning artisanal potters to using safe, lead-free glazes under the Barro Aprobado program.