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Graciela Montaño
Graciela Montaño
Executive Chef and Founder Aura Mexican Cooking

Bringing awareness to lead-free and kitchens and the effect of lead specially on children and pregnant women is now a priority in my agenda while promoting to keep ancestral cooking traditions as cooking in lead-free clay.  

Pure Earth Global Chef Ambassador
In 2010, after a corporate career in the telecom industry and marketing; Graciela founded Aura Cocina Mexicana (a family-style cooking studio) with the mission to share traditional Mexican food culture through cooking experiences. In her in-person and online cooking classes, she has been welcoming guests from more than +30 countries. She is Airbnb Global Community Leader for Food and Drink category and also a Mexican TV Chef (her show Tu Cocina is transmitted in USA and Canada via Canal Once TV). Graciela is currently Pure Earth´s Chef Ambassador and author of the first Pure Earth´s Kitchen Cookbook a collection of recipes from chefs from Mexico and India and clay artisans to bring awareness to having lead-free kitchens worldwide.