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April 6, 2020

We know how critical PPE (personal protective equipment) is from our toxic pollution cleanup work around the world. Pure Earth team members often wear a combination of N95 masks, hazmat suits, gloves, and other protection out in the field when they are assessing toxic sites or conducting remediation.

To help ease the shortage of PPE during this covid-19 pandemic, we dug through our stock of N95 masks and donated them to local hospitals here in New York. Pure Earth offices around the world are doing the same. In Indonesia, for example, Budi Susilorini told us that even though she only had 16 pieces of N95 masks left to donate, the masks were welcomed by the local health facility. Every piece of protection helps.

We hope the masks donated help to keep these residents from Columbia Presbyterian (pictured above) and others safe as they fight the pandemic.

Do you have PPE to donate? See this New York Times article on how to donate them, or check the website, which lists most urgently needed items.

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