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Bangladesh: CSO (Civil Society Organization) Community Outreach

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Key pollutant
Jewelry Making

CSO activation activities in Bangladesh are in the planning phase.

The Pure Earth Project Director and South Asia Regional Director met with the contacts from the local partner, ESDO, in September and November 2019. A decision was made to plan advocacy training workshop in a particular community where ESDO has already been working on alternative livelihood issues related to unsafe use of lead in jewelry making.  ESDO will lead the workshop in partnership with Pure Earth and 1-2 other organizations that focus on women and children’s health, using the activities completed to date in Colombia as a model.

Pure Earth project staff identified 4 additional participant organizations to be included in the project. A final planning meeting and site visit to Bangladesh in March was forced to be cancelled due to concerns around COVID-19. The next steps for the project are to finalize the planning with the partner, hold the advocacy workshop with civil society representatives and government invitees, and then to roll out 1-2 public education campaigns about pollution issues that impact the constituents of the CSO participants.

The workshop will include pollution and health training for non-technical audiences, an introduction to community-designed communications planning, and brainstorming of ideas for public education events. Event participation and impact will be monitored.