Health and Pollution Action Plan

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Project Partners

The primary partners for the HPAP process in Thailand are the Ministry of Public Health,  the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment,  and UNEP.


Pure Earth initiated a Health and Pollution Action Plan (HPAP) with the government of Thailand in 2016.

Participants in the HPAP inception meeting identified several issues as priorities for attention under the HPAP process. These issues were:

  • Local and transboundary haze in Northern Thailand
  • Transboundary haze in Southern Thailand
  • Releases of VOCs at a petrochemical complex
  • Indoor air pollution from cooking, heating and other sources
  • Chemicals in soil and water at contaminated sites

In early 2019, Pure Earth will deliver a draft of the HPAP document to the  government. Pure Earth will provide continued support for implementation of recommended policies and programs, and for proposal drafting after the reports are validated.

The HPAP is a collaborative process that aims to help governments:

  • Identify, evaluate and prioritize the main existing contamination problems based on health impacts.
  • Establish pollution as a priority action within the agendas of the various sectors of
  • Define and promote specific interventions to reduce exposure to pollutants and the
    associated burden of disease.