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August 4, 2016
Dr. Amalia Laborde
Dr. Lilian Corra

The World Health Organization (WHO) has just released a new series of children’s environmental health training modules that were prepared by experts around the world, including representatives from Pure Earth and the Global Alliance on Health and Pollution (GAHP).

Dr. Lilian Corra, who works with both Pure Earth and GAHP in South America, and Dr. Amalia Laborde, Pure Earth’s country coordinator in Uruguay, are members of the working group of experts collaborating with the WHO to develop these materials. They are both also using the materials in their current work.

The WHO modules are currently available in English and Portuguese.  They are targeted at health professionals, in particular pediatricians, but are also for community leaders, decision makers, teachers and others who have a hand in addressing environmental factors on children’s health.

Congratulations to both Dr. Corra and Dr. Laborde.

Access and download the modules here.  

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