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October 20, 2022

Pure Earth’s Founder and President Richard Fuller has been included in the #FuturePerfect50 list from Vox, recognizing “The scientists, thinkers, scholars, writers, and activists building a more perfect future.” 

Reporter and Vox editor Bryan Walsh has followed Pure Earth’s work for over a decade, and he understands Pure Earth’s urgent call to eradicate lead poisoning. He writes:

Fuller has focused on alleviating the toll that conventional pollution — especially from lead poisoning — takes on many of the poorest people in the world. It’s a subject that doesn’t tend to attract huge amounts of funding or celebrity do-gooders, but the damage it does to human health is huge.

Lead poisoning is as relatively straightforward to fix as its consequences are severe… It won’t be easy, but virtually eliminating lead exposure would be far simpler than the kind of economy-wide shifts that are needed to truly fight climate change — and the effects would be that much more immediate…. Yet comparatively little money is going to the fight against lead.

That’s why Fuller’s crusade to bring awareness to what is being done to millions of children around the world is so important and why he remains so passionate after more than 20 years in the field.

Who Are The Future Perfect 50?

Walsh writes: “What all the names on the Future Perfect 50 list have in common is a willingness to imagine a world that is freer and fairer and safer than the one we have been given, and the conviction to be a part of that transformation… Where others see problems, they see potential solutions that could be achieved through innovation, through politics, through persuasion, and through simple compassion. … they are defined by the belief that change for the better is possible — and that it is our duty to the present and the future to make that change a reality.”

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