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January 29, 2014
2013 report cover
  • Increased Focus on Research
  • Training Local Researchers
  • Research Grants
  • Journal of Health and Pollution Expands

This year saw the release of a number of key reports, including:

As with previous reports, this year’s top ten list triggered a new global conversation about pollution.

“This is, of course, one of the goals of our research and reports — to raise awareness and motivate cleanup,” says Richard Fuller, President of Blacksmith.

The other is to contribute to the body of knowledge about the impact of pollution with detailed studies and data that can be used by the international community and by countries themselves to plan action against toxic pollution.”

* Increased Focus on Research
To that end, 2013 saw the publication of about 12 peer reviewed scientific papers on pollution, including a recent study from a joint research partnership with Mount Sinai using data from Blacksmith’s Toxic Sites Identification Program that was published in the premier journal Environment Health Perspectives. We also expanded our research team with the addition of Dr. Anne Riederer (See how we are fighting toxic pollution with science and research.)

* Training Local Researchers
In 2013, we trained an additional 67 emerging researchers from around the world through our partnership with AuthorAID.

“The key is to get local voices heard through research. We are encouraging researchers from Nigeria, the Philippines, Peru, Azerbaijan and other parts of the world that have pollution problems to collect and examine local data, conduct studies and most importantly, publish their findings for the international community to see,” says Sandra Page-Cook, editor of the Journal of Health and Pollution.

* Research Grants
Blacksmith’s Small Research Grants program was launched in 2013 to find and fund small study projects with an emphasis on publishing findings. The first grants of 2014 will be awarded in February.

* Journal Expands
Blacksmith’s Journal of Health and Pollution also migrated to a wider platform, and became the journal of record for INCHES, The International Conference on Children’s Health, Environment and Safety.

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