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April 10, 2023

Update: “One in 36 Million,” produced by Pure Earth Bangladesh, has emerged as the winner of the Grand Prix prize at the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Health For All film festival. The film, directed by Bangladeshi filmmaker Arifur Rahman and Pure Earth’s Mitali Das,  took top prize in the Better Health and Well-being category. Read more.

Two Pure Earth short documentary films have been shortlisted as finalists in the ‘Better Health and Well-being’ category of the WHO (World Health Organization)’s  4th Annual Health for All Film Festival.

The films, The Lead Rush and One in 36 Million, portray the lifelong impacts of lead poisoning on children in Senegal and Bangladesh, and showcase solutions to address this all too common issue.

Watch them now.

About the films:

One in 36 Million: Story of Childhood Lead Poisoning in Bangladesh: This short film, directed by Mitali Das and Arifur Rahman, is the story of one child among the 36 million children in Bangladesh who are lead poisoned. Outsiders commonly set up informal lead-acid battery recycling operations in villages across Bangladesh. When cattle begin dying, the villagers see the danger and drive the polluters out, but the lead stays behind and continues to harm children and pregnant women. But with low-cost, proven interventions, government and community commitment, residents clean up their village, prevent future lead exposure, and stop the cycle of poisoning. Watch now.


The Lead Rush: In a coastal suburb of Dakar, Thiaroye-sur-Mer, 18 young children came down with a mysterious illness and died. Many more fell seriously ill. An investigation revealed the deaths and illness were due to lead poisoning from parents recycling lead acid batteries. They did not know lead was toxic. Pure Earth, in partnership with the government, community and others, cleaned up the severe lead pollution so surviving children could be treated. Visiting the village 13 years later, parents reflect on their losses, learnings, and hopes for all the children born after the cleanup. Watch now.


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