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April 11, 2017

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Mercury-free gold is in Vogue!

In Why Mercury-Free Gold Is the Future of Sustainable Jewelry, Vogue magazine reported on Pure Earth’s collaboration with superstar model Molly Bair, and 21 leading designers to curate a special collection of jewelry crafted using recycled, Fairtrade, or mercury-free gold.

Each year, Pure Earth releases a special collection of responsible jewelry for auction. Funds raised support Pure Earth’s work in some of the world’s worst polluted places, including efforts reducing mercury from artisanal gold mining.

Tacking the global mercury problem from both ends – supply and demand.

“Consumers have probably heard about ‘blood diamonds,’ but few know about gold’s connection with toxic mercury,” Pure Earth president Richard Fuller told Vogue.

The leading source of mercury pollution globally is now from artisanal and small-scale gold mining. These independent, informal miners use vast amounts of mercury and produce up to 25% of the world’s gold supply.

“Increasing the demand for mercury-free gold will help persuade more miners to make the switch. We already see progress. In Mongolia, Pure Earth has trained over 1,000 miners to go mercury-free, with many more on the waiting list.”

Joining Forces: Pure Earth, Model, and Designers

“It’s our job as designers and educators to make strides toward meaningful change in jewelry-making standards and practices… We need to push the industry to be as ethical and environmentally friendly as possible,” designer Pamela Love told Vogue about her collaboration with Pure Earth. 

Model Molly Bair added: “We should all be more aware of how our products are made, and if we see issues, we should demand changes. We have the power, as an industry, to support environmentally responsible mining and production without pollution.”

“Consumers should realize that they are part of the solution,” said Pure Earth’s Richard Fuller.

See The 2017 Collection

The special collection includes mercury-free gold donated by Hoover and Strong, and a special piece by Pamela Love incorporating cultivated diamonds donated by the Diamond Foundry.

Designers include (in alphabetical order): Aesa Jewelry, Ariane Zurcher Designs, Bario Neal, Brilliant Earth, Chandally, Dana Bronfman, David Yurman, James Banks Designs, Jef Hoo, Judi Powers Jewelry, Merzatta, Mociun, Pamela Love, Pili Restrepo, Scosha, Sissai Jewelry Company, Taber Studio, Toby Pomeroy, Vrai and Oro, WWake, and 1-100.

The collection was modeled by Molly Bair, photographed by Skye Parrott, styled by Heathermary Jackson.

Together, #WeCanFightPollution.  Bid now to make a difference.

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