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Fresh off the Presses – The 2009 World’s Worst Polluted Places report

Oct 28 , 2009 ,by Helma Kusuma

One more thing... today we released our latest Blacksmith report on the World's Worst Polluted Places.  This time, we focused on successes, which are few and far between.  We had a good turnout - half a dozen reporters, from most.


Back home with swine flu and more

Oct 28 , 2009 ,by Steve Laico

Well, its good to be back home, after two weeks of travel.  Then add on a week of H1N1 flu.  Seems that those signs you see posted in Asian airports are right after all - its out there, and its.


The Pollution Blog is online–join us as we take pollution offline!

Oct 19 , 2009

Richard Fuller in Rudnaya Pristan, listed in Blacksmith's 2006 report as one of the world's worst polluted places Here we go, joining the digital age. Welcome, all, to Blacksmith Institute's blog about pollution, solutions to same, and everything related... A.



Oct 05 , 2009

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