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October 28, 2009

Well, its good to be back home, after two weeks of travel.  Then add on a week of H1N1 flu.  Seems that those signs you see posted in Asian airports are right after all – its out there, and its brutal.  At least  I am now out of bed, and can think on our next steps for Blacksmith, even if going to the office still seems a long way off.

The trip went well.  Some highlights – We had a good response in India, meeting with the Minister for the Environment and a number of other key figures.  Toxics are on their agenda, and we’ll design a program together to deal with car battery contamination – lead – in the suburbs of Delhi.  It will be a model for dealing with this issue in other Indian (and South Asian) cities.

Manila is moving forward too.  Our programs in the Meycauayan basin in northern Manila are now up for a $50 million plus remediation funded by the Asian Development Bank.  The paperwork is moving forward, and has been cleared from both sides – ADB and the Philippine government.  It will take a while, but the prize is big – 300,000 people contaminated there at least.

Now to catch up on the rest of the work…


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