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Notes from the field: Dr. Jack Caravanos in Kabwe with the Guardian

May 31 , 2017

Jack measuring toxic soil with Olympus XRF, Photo by Larry C. Price Q & A with Dr. Jack Caravanos, Pure Earth’s Director of Research Jack traveled to Kabwe, Zambia, last month with The Guardian environment editor Damian Carrington and Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist.


Training Toxic Site Investigators In Senegal

May 03 , 2017

Pure Earth regional director for Africa, Judith St. Fort, and senior program officer, Russell Dowling, recently returned to Senegal to help train local toxic site investigators as part of the Toxic Sites Identification Program (TSIP). Judith and Russell brought with them dozens.


A Mountain Of Success in Agbogbloshie

Dec 28 , 2016

A mountain of success! Pure Earth partner GreenAd's Bennett Akuffo is shown here standing on a pile of cleanly processed plastic cable casings in Agbogbloshie, Ghana.  This is what would have been burnt, releasing polluting toxic fumes, if local recyclers.


Protecting Children By Cleaning Up Lead-Contaminated Yards in Kabwe

Nov 07 , 2016

  This post is from Lara Crampe, Pure Earth's regional director for Southeast Asia.  She is currently in Zambia working with the team on the second phase of Pure Earth’s remediation project in the Chowa neighborhood of Kabwe. This month our.


Walk-Through Of Agbogbloshie E-Waste Site Spreads Message: “Burning Is Bad”

Sep 08 , 2016

Help us make a difference in Agbogbloshie and other polluted places. Donate now to support the cleanup of polluted communities worldwide. “Kona Ne Bad” or “Burning Is Bad” – that was the message splashed across tee-shirts and posters, and shouted out through.


In Cameroon: Hunting For Toxic Killers

Jul 27 , 2016

Fighting pollution does not just mean cleaning up toxic sites.  It also involves a lot of behind-the-scenes work that might not make the news, such as the painstaking task of identifying, mapping, and assessing contaminated hotspots around the world. This was what.


Project Highlights 2015: A String Of Firsts

Feb 23 , 2016

Over the past year, we have started to finally see a shift connecting the silos that have kept efforts on the environment, health and development in separate disciplines. The catalyst for much of this progress has come from the creation.


Year In Review: Lead Free Homes For The First Time In 100 Years

Jan 18 , 2016

Of the many cleanups we conducted in 2015, our work in Kabwe, Zambia, was one of the highlights. Last year, thanks to private donations from supporters, Pure Earth’s team was able to return to Kabwe to start cleaning up one of the “World’s.


So Fresh And So Clean

Nov 25 , 2015

“I am impressed with what has been done... and this comes as a relief not only to the people of Chowa, but the entire Kabwe population. We believe that when this project is completed, more lives will be safeguarded."  --.


Nearly 100% Of Children In This Neighborhood Have Been Poisoned

Nov 16 , 2015

Almost every single child in Chowa is suffering from lead poisoning. Nearly all of Chowa's children were found to have blood lead levels that are ten to 20 times the CDC recommended level, which can be fatal. The source of the toxin?  A group.


(UPDATE) Transforming Agbogbloshie: From Toxic Dump Into Model Recycling Center

Jun 25 , 2015

  UPDATE: June 2015 It has been eight months since Pure Earth opened the e-waste recycling center with automated wire-stripping units. We have been assessing what is working and what is not, as we enter the next phase of the project..


Nigeria: New Outbreak of Lead Poisoning

Jun 08 , 2015

 "At the hospital, he looked fine but behaved like he was losing his mind... In the evening of the same day, his fever became severe. He was restless. He later started jerking seriously with his eyes turning, and that was how.


CDC’s MMWR Features Our Findings on Lead in Kabwe’s Children

Nov 10 , 2014

The latest issue of Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), the main resource for key public health information and recommendations from the CDC, features field notes from our July trip to Kabwe, where we found devastating levels of lead poisoning.


Kabwe’s Children’s Silent Struggles

Oct 28 , 2014

This guest post is from Ben Barber, who visited Kabwe with the Blacksmith for a Pure Earth team in July. We arrived last July in one of the world’s most toxic hotspots -- Kabwe, a city of about 200,000 just.


The Story of A Mother and the Five Children She Lost

Jun 03 , 2014

[caption id="attachment_20195" align="alignnone" width="650"] Seynabou and her grandson in November 2021.[/caption] Seynabou had ten children, but lost five of them.  One by one, each of her five youngest children fell ill with the same symptoms — seizures and convulsions. One by one,.


Snapshots of Progress in 2013 – AFRICA

Jan 29 , 2014

Livelihood Training For Women Uncovering Senegal's Invisible Pollution Problem Last year, Blacksmith returned to Senegal to conduct livelihood training for women so that they will not have to go back to the deadly job of backyard battery recycling in order.


Training Women in Senegal

Oct 25 , 2013

Next month, Blacksmith returns to Senegal to provide livelihood training to women so that they will not have to go back to the dangerous job of backyard battery recycling--the activity that triggered the tragic lead poisoning outbreak in 2008 that killed 32 children in Thiaroye.