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December 28, 2016


A mountain of success!

Pure Earth partner GreenAd’s Bennett Akuffo is shown here standing on a pile of cleanly processed plastic cable casings in Agbogbloshie, Ghana.  This is what would have been burnt, releasing polluting toxic fumes, if local recyclers had processed wires from e-waste the usual way. Now this pile of plastic will be ground up and used as filler for cement, while the valuable copper and metals pulled from the e-waste casings have been sold.

Learn more about Pure Earth’s project in Agbogbloshie to stop the poisonous burning of e-waste.

Walk-Through Of Agbogbloshie E-Waste Site Spreads Message: “Burning Is Bad”

(UPDATE) Transforming Agbogbloshie: From Toxic Dump Into Model Recycling Center


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