Solve pollution. Save lives. Protect the planet.

December 2, 2019

This year, we asked some of our most ardent supporters—including Bobbie Lloyd, chief baking officer of the world famous Magnolia Bakery, and designer Ammar Belal—to tell us why they give to Pure Earth. Watch their video testimonies below.

Thank you Ammar, Bobbie, Don, John and Janet for believing in us, and for inspiring others to follow your lead.

We are grateful to all our supporters for their generous donations on Giving Tuesday this year. Your gifts will help us keep children safe from pollution. We hope to count on your continued support on each Giving Tuesday to come and beyond.

“… a global community of changemakers who share the same values” — Ammar Belal

“Once you see it first hand, you cannot look back.” — Bobbie Lloyd

“We know of no other organization that has done so much to alleviate human suffering caused by industrial pollution… We know our dollars are being spent wisely.” — John Hendrix

“If we don’t help Pure Earth get it done, it won’t get done. It’s that simple.” — Don Jones.

“…they (Pure Earth) think outside the box. They find solutions one neighborhood at a time.” — Janet Vinyard

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