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November 19, 2019

Pure Earth’s Global Mercury Program works around the world to eliminate mercury use and clean up contaminated sites to reduce mercury poisoning and protect the health of communities, especially children. Since artisanal and small-scale (ASGM) gold mining is responsible for about 30% of global mercury emissions, Pure Earth’s program focuses on these activities. Here’s a look at the program’s success, by the numbers:


Artisanal gold miners attend Pure Earth mercury-free training in Mongolia

  • 1100 miners trained in mercury-free techniques.
  • 3750 children, community members, health workers and government officials educated.
  • Miners, especially women, report increased earnings.

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Pure Earth is working with CINCIA to restore rainforest stripped by gold mining in the Amazon.

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Women gold miners in Indonesia are being empowered to make more money with mercury-free gold

  • 200 miners trained in mercury-free techniques
  • 1500 government stakeholders, health workers, miners and community members educated
  • 85 mercury sites identified and assessed
  • 100 retorts/70 water-box-condensers distributed, reducing mercury emissions by 4750 kgs annually
  • Women’s Working Group organized to give artisanal women miners opportunities to earn more with mercury-free gold


A child miner in Africa. Photo: Larry C. Price

  • 250 mercury sites identified and assessed
  • 10 communities trained to reduce mercury use

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Empowering Women Gold Miners in Indonesia

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