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Watch Miners In The Amazon Transform Nuggets of Gold Into Limited Edition “Mined w/o Mercury” Bracelets


In 2021, Peruvian jeweler Andrea Jose made her first journey into the Amazon by car, boat motorbike, and on foot to visit miners being trained by Pure Earth. Since then, she has returned regularly, most recently to teach the miners some basic jewelry techniques to help them add value to their responsible gold.


Through these jewelry lessons, the miners have given shape to a gold nugget, which they have stamped with the phrase “Mined w/o Mercury.” They then transformed this gold nugget into a bracelet with macrame knitted locally by Peruvian women, and added a silver shovel representing Pure Earth’s work.


These bracelets are a symbol of the journey these miners have made to become a part of the solution to a global problem.


Show your support for these miners. Get a bracelet for yourself and your loved ones for just $150. Share the bracelets, and share the story of how these miners are changing the world, one piece of gold at a time.